Customer Feedback

Best dog I’ve EVER HAD!

I bought my mini from a picture. I spoke to William many times for a long time. He was very forthcoming and was very interested in what I was looking for. When I picked her up, the Bernese mom was right there with her. I spent at least 2 hours talking to William and Irene. I burst into tears when Fancy came up to me and crawled in my lap. She is so smart, total Velcro dog. I haven’t had ANY problems with her. Potty training, crate training, walking on a leash. She had no prior training. I’m 70 years old and she’s my everything!!

Margery Branche

Can’t decide!

I really really want to get one of these pups I’m getting a little backlash from friends that say they need a lot of room to run and I didn’t get that when I talked to the owner I spent almost 3 hours on the phone with him and I got to tell you I can say that I’ve been looking for months and this is the only place where I find them not only to be legitimate but willing to tell you everything about the dog and I told them about our lifestyle and actually wanted him to choose one for us LOL I’m sure I’ll post something up better when I actually get the puppy just trying to figure out which one I want… wish me luck!

Roberta Buelow


We picked our girl up last April. Irene was kind enough to hold her for us until we returned from Florida. She has been perfect. Very healthy and has the most wonderful personality. It was obvious that she was well taken care of and socialized. She is so chill, never needed a crate, has always slept through the night and was potty trained in a short period of time. I have read about some nightmare experiences with other breeders, but I can say without reservation, I highly recommend Hidden Pines Doodles!

Dan and Lisa Deere

Teddy amazes us everyday!

Hello: Teddy (Rex) is 5 months old, very smart, sweet and gentle.
He was basically potty trained when we picked him up. He loves everyone and every dog he meets. He is a great passenger in the car too. We live in MN and drove home with him without any car sickness, anxiety, or accidents. We highly recommend Hidden Pines Doodles!

Caren and brian Rickert

Bernese Mountain Dog to train as a service dog

I have read several articles on these beautiful dogs. I am a retired disabled American Veteran with PTSD, high anxiety, blood pressure issues…need a great service dog. Our previous dog 2001-2012 Akita (female) she was awesome. From my readings the Bernese Mountain dog could be my answer.

Patrick Insignares

Leo our Love Bug

Our Leo is amazing….he’s truly the best dog with the greatest personality!! He’s just so laid back. He is my son’s best friend, they play like brothers and it’s so cute to see. Thank you for making everything so simple for us. It was so easy..from choosing the dog to delivery. I’d recommend Hidden Pines Doodles to anyone and if we ever want another dog – you will be our first call!! He was basically potty trained when he arrived and that made the entire experience stress free. I’ve worked with other breeders in the past and you are the best! Leo is just perfect for our family and just the biggest love bug ever!! We are so happy!!Thank you!!

Kim New Hampshire

Best ever!!!

The best breeders I have ever dealt with! William and Irene could not have been more patient, kind, informative and understanding as I tried to decide who my perfect pup was. I was torn but it is clear that I made the right decision 😊 I am so in love with Scooby/Romeo already after 3 days❤️. It is so obvious that they treat their pups with love! I will definitely be back, thank you William and Irene

Shellie Popeck

Amazing breeder… Amazing puppies!!

Irene and William couldn’t have been more accommodating in helping us to find our perfect puppy….intelligent, extremely loving, easy to train, and very socialized. After three FaceTime sessions we were convinced that Willow would be a great addition to our family. When we picked her up we were sent home with a bag of food, toys and complete records of her medical history. The next day we had her checked with our vet, and he declared she was perfect. As an additional benefit, we found she was also micro chipped. Thank you Irene and William for Helping to bring such joy into our lives. Stephanie and Gary

Stephanie Albanese

In Puppy Love🐾❤️

I went along for a ride with my friend Shellie to pick her puppy up. YES, I came home with one too🐾❤️🐾❤️. William & Irene are absolutely amazing breeders and by the way these puppies acted it was obvious they were loved & well taken care of. They sent them home with a big bag of goodies and they were bathed and ready to go. I’m in total love with my new fur baby, hes perfect. Thank you both so much for allowing me to adopt Bruno❤️🐾 total puppy love

Lori Mesta

Amazing breeder… Amazing puppies!!

Irene and William couldn’t have been more accommodating in helping us to find our perfect puppy….intelligent, extremely loving, easy to train, and very socialized. After three FaceTime sessions we were convinced that Willow would be a great addition to our family. When we picked her up we were sent home with a bag of food, toys and complete records of her medical history. The next day we had her checked with our vet, and he declared she was perfect. As an additional benefit, we found she was also micro chipped. Thank you Irene and William for Helping to bring such joy into our lives. Stephanie and Gary

Stephanie Albanese

Hippie the Mini Bernedoodle

We recently adopted Hippie from Irene & William. We are above and beyond excited about our new puppy. We had the opportunity to meet most of the puppies on facetime with Irene which helped us selecting Hippie.
We decided to personally pick up our puppy and flew from California to Cleveland, rented a car and drove around 80 minutes to Hidden Pine doodles. Irene and William was very kind and had definitely provided the puppies with great attention and love. Hippie has the most mellow and wonderful temperament and is for sure going to be the perfect addition to our family.

Lizette Sloop

Utley/River is amazing!

Utley came home on Saturday. So far he is such a good pup! At 10 weeks he’s house broken and following so many commands! William, Irene and their daughter were so incredibly pleasant to work with and gave our fur baby such a thoughtful starter package to take home. I cannot thank them enough and would recommend their puppies to anyone! Blessings to you!

Deb Ford

Life Changing Puppy

I have had Griffey (Chico) for eight weeks now and he is the sweetest, adaptable puppy. Hidden Pines doodles were so communicative during the whole adoption process and answered all of my questions about Griffey’s personality and habits before I got him. He has honestly been such a bright spot in my life. He spends his time in California hanging his head out of the truck, playing with his sloth, and cuddling with anyone that will him a lap to sit on. Thanks for giving me a huge piece of joy with Griffey!

Britt Wright

Love my Mini Bernedoodle

I purchased my Mini Bernedoodle one week ago today, on Valentine’s day. She is such a mellow dog and follows me everywhere. She loves to play with her squeaky toys. She has been good about going outside and loves the snow. My dog was originally named Lily, but I changed her name to Lucy Lu. I loved working with William and Irene Miller. They are caring breeders and we have been in touch numerous times before and after the purchase. They supplied all the records of her birth and vet checks and vaccinations plus toys and food. I wish I lived closer to them to visit with my Lucy Lu.


Love my Mini Bernadoodle

I picked up my Mini Bernadoodle on Valentine’s Day. She is such a sweet, playful dog. Loves playing with her toys. She is very mellow and always wants to be by me, either when I’m sitting at the kitchen table or my computer desk, she is always laying on the floor by me. She has been good about going outside and loves playing in the snow. William and Irene Miller are very caring breeders and I have been in contact with them numerous times before and after the adoption. They sent home a bag of toys, food, and her health records. My dog was named Lily, but I changed her name to Lucy Lu. I would highly recommend the Millers if you are interested in a Mini Bernadoodle.


In love

We got a male Bernese Mountain dog from this wonderful couple and this is the best dog I’ve ever raised. Such an inelegant, socialized and sweet boy he is. It only took one day for him to fall in love with our baby and that sealed the deal that we absolutely couldn’t ask for a better dog to add to our family. They sent a bag full of toys, favorite treats, vitamins and food. You can tell they really love their dogs!

Miranda Steiner

We could not be happier !

Linda and I received our Ellie, and we immediately fell in LOVE ! She is the most loving little girl. Our experience with William and Irene could not have been more positive. They are the most wonderful couple you could ever imagine. They have an old fashioned customer service that is very rare these days. They love their pups and their clients. You will never regret dealing with them, and you will certainly love their pups. I am not too good with words. All I know to say is that all descriptions should be SUPERLATIVE !

Eric and Linda Hurley

We love our Brooks

We picked up Brooks on 2/6/2021, from Irene & William, who were very kind and helpful with the whole process. They were very quick to respond to our phone calls/E-mails and answered all of our questions that we had. Irene did a great job posting pictures and videos of his litter. So far Brooks has been a great puppy who is very fun and loving. We would highly recommend Hidden Pines Doodles for your next new puppy!

Kelly Drusbacky

A bundle of pure joy!

We had a wonderful experience working with William and Irene to adopt our sweet little Elijah. They were very responsive and gladly answered all of our questions. We were even able to visit their lovely home to meet Eli and his family which meant the world to us. This dog … where do I begin? He is sweet and smart and has brought so much laughter and joy into our lives. Thank you, Millers, for this little ray of sunshine!!

Bob & Suzanna

Great experience from beginning to end

Can’t say enough about how happy we are to have found Hidden Pines Doodles!! William and Irene were helpful every step of the way and our little Gracie is everything we hoped for. “You got a good one.” are the words of our vet and we wholeheartedly agree!

Heidi and Jay Cullen

Morty is a treasure

William and Irene provided us with an amazing puppy. He is acclimated so well with our family we couldn’t be more happy. They do a phenomenal job I can’t speak highly enough about them.

Fred A Desimone

Everything and more

Gus is everything and more ! He is incredibly cute and fluffy. He LOVES everyone and assumes that they love him too. Gus is very intelligent and learns things quickly.
We also enjoyed our interactions with Irene. It is obvious she loves all her “babies”. I would highly recommend selecting Hidden Pines Doodles for your next furr baby.

Lynne Pardue

Great Experience with the breeder

Irene was super nice and very professional. She really knows her pups! I enjoyed talking with her. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a pup. The only negative was the puppy transport company which is not an extension of the breeder. Would not recommend .

Jerry Bishop

Overwhelmingly Thankful

Thank you so much to Irene and William for our sweet puppy girl. Irene was so involved during the entire process and made everything so much fun. She is simply the sweetest woman ever. She loves the pups like they’re her own and I am sure her heart breaks a little each time one leaves. Our sweet puppy girl is absolutely beautiful, healthy and full of spunk! We simply adore her!


Excellent Puppies and Caring Breeders

I got my dog Augie, a Bernerdoodle from Hidden Pines Doodles. He was such a good looking Bernerdoodle, and William and Irene were so informative and helpful, I felt really good about getting my dog at Hidden Pines Doodles.

And I really Checked this breeder out thoroughly. I checked the Wooster Humane Society, Better Business Bureau, and four references from varied states and The Millers and Hidden Pines Doodles all checked out. I was extremely pleased to have worked and purchased Augie from this breeder!

Valerie Goehler

Highly Recommend Hidden Pines Doodles!

My F1 tri-mini Bernedoodle, Bella is the most loving, healthiest and cutest puppy on the planet. I can’t recommend Irene and William Miller highly enough!! 100% honest and professional from the beginning of the adoption process to finally holding my sweet puppy in my arms; the Millers went above and beyond anything I expected from a breeder.

Eventually, I would like to add a little sister for Bella and wouldn’t think of looking anywhere but Hidden Pines Doodles. Thank you Irene and William for adding so much joy to my life!

Connie Hannon

Thank you! Endeavour is amazing!

I am so glad I found Hidden Pines Doodles. I got my perfect puppy there. Irene and William care show much about the puppies and the mothers. All the puppies are microchipped, given good supplements, up to date with all their shots, and were given so much love. When my puppy, Endeavour, came home to me, he came with a goody box with a blanket, food, toys, and treats. I thought that was so great and so special. Thank you Hidden Pines Doodles! It is a great place to get puppies and I recommend it to others.

Mackenzie Paugh

We are so thankful for

We are so thankful for our Sadie. Her demeanor is so sweet and loving. Her personality makes is laugh and grow more in love with her every day. Irene and William were so amazing from the very beginning of the journey. They were up front and honest about everything. They stayed in touch through the whole process. They were quick to answer any and all questions. They sent videos and pictures up until the day we finally met our baby girl. But most of all they truly love and care about each and every one of their pups and dogs. And it shows. We would never dream of going anywhere else in the future. Thank you for everything.


Overwhelmingly Grateful.

Irene and William are the sweetest people you’ll ever find. Irene loves the pups as if they’re her own & I can’t imagine how difficult it is for her to say goodbye to them each time. Our sweet puppy girl is absolutely beautiful and full of spunk. She is healthy and doing really well on training so far. It was such a great experience. Thank you so much!


Exceptional Breeders and puppies!!

It is my utmost pleasure to write this review. We had been looking and looking for our new fur baby for months before we decided on our mini Bernedoodle. After researching breeders, reviews and speaking to owners of puppies from Hidden Pine Doodles, we purchased a puppy from the Millers. We found the Millers to be extremely open and forthcoming with any and all questions we had. The transaction was very easy. Our puppy Moose aka Fluffy arrived in perfect condition. We couldn’t be any happier. It’s very obvious that the Millers care about their dogs and puppies they have. Moose is extremely well socialized. He is very healthy and had an excellent vet exam. He is bright-eyed and has a gorgeous coat. We are amazed at how smart he is. He learns very quickly.
I highly recommend hidden pine doodles. Look no more, the Millers raise healthy, loving and well-socialized puppies.

Geni Lusk

Freddy “aka Schooner” Sweetest puppy ever!!! And beautiful!!!

Schooner is a magnificent puppy! He’s got the best disposition and is so sweet full of love ❤️❤️and it’s due to the way Schooner was raised and cared for properly, with love and affection by, William and Irene Miller. They really care so much for their puppy’s. This is no puppy mill! I highly recommend if your looking for a gorgeous family member look no further! Patricia Hillier

Patricia Hillier

Best Puppy Ever!!

We adopted “Cutie” now Hazel in late October and she has been the best addition to our family. She is so smart and such a loyal dog, she has been easy to train and is truly the best puppy ever. The Millers are great people to work with, very honest and they have a great place for lots of dogs to roam and run.

Rob and Tanya Williams

Amazing adoption experience!!

We can’t say enough positive things about Irene and William, and the incredible Berner pup we adopted. They were both so accommodating and forthcoming in the whole process. Irene called my wife daily with updates on Buster and sent numerous pics and videos. Near the end I think she almost kept him for herself because they love and care for their dogs so much!! First day home and he is already settling in with our other critters, and is relaxed and a huge cuddle bug. Highly recommend the Millers if you are looking for your next puppy!!

Rick Reid

Thanks So Much

Thanks so much for sending us that wonderful pup, now named Charley-Gale. We love her to death and you for sending her to us.

Jan and Bev

Couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend them.

We got a our puppy from William and Irene about two weeks ago, and I am overjoyed. The puppy right out of the gate has a great disposition, and preferred to use the restroom outside. She quickly become comfortable with her new owners and environment. She loves walks and playing. I look forward to seeing her grow, but not too fast as she is cute as a button.

I want to thank William and Irene. We visited them to pick the puppy up and they were warm and inviting. They are both great/enjoyable people and can tell they love the dogs they are raising. I highly recommend looking at them to get a new friend!

Kevin Philipp

A New Bundle of Joy~!

From the moment we walked into William and Irene’s home we knew we had made the right choice. Harley, our new mini could not give enough kisses and a lifelong bond was made.

After we arrived home we introduced him to Lexi, our standard Bernadoodle, and they acted as if they had always been together~! We have a large fenced in back yard and they constantly want to go out and chase each other.

Harley was socialized very well and we cannot thank the Miller’s enough~!!

George O’Hamill

Wonderful experience!

Our entire experience was beyond amazing! This wonderful family opened their home so we were able to meet them and our Sadie’s Berner mom. The adult dogs were so gentle and loving and their farm was so serene!! Irene and William shower their puppies with so much love and attention, they are socialized almost immediately. Thank you for helping complete our family-we will be forever appreciative!

Farrah Sloan

Everything we expected and more.!

We are very pleased to recommend Hidden Pines! Got our Berner puppies yesterday and they are happy and healthy and to be honest with you exceeded our expectations.. from first contact to delivery we were very pleased with the whole process . We never felt like we were being pushed . Never felt apprehensive that we were being scammed like with so many others I talk to . The puppies came with the care package that included some favorite toys, blankets from home, puppy food along with all the papers etc. my family is very pleased! Kevin Nunn family – Mocksville North Carolina

Kevin Nunn

Excellent caring family w gorgeous puppies

We researched bernedoodles a LONG time &’ visited several puppy nurseries. When we arrived we were greeted by Mr. Miller who welcomed us in. Irene was holding the 2 beautiful puppies, Callie &’ Sasha! We played &’ visited w the pups for nearly an hour. Knowledgeable breeders who expertly care for their babies &’ go the extra mile! The puppies were bright in color, great countenance, shiny, soft balls of joy!!! We ended up taking 2 littermates after thoroughly debating the work involved. We have 3 other dogs &’ they are integrating well &’ fast learners. Pleasant, sweet, &’ care packages were sent w each pup when we left. Highly recommend this family for their expertise, love &’ friendliness making it a great experience!!

Simone Young

Wonderful Experience

We just adopted Oliver a few weeks ago. He got a perfect bill of health at the vet. The entire experience was wonderful start to finish. We had a great time meeting the pups and choosing our fur baby! We have absolutely no regrets and would certainly recommend Hidden Pines Doodles over and over.

Beverly Brown


I would highly recommend adopting puppies from Hiddenpinesdoodles. These puppies get very good care.The Mothers and babies get a lot of individual attention.

Linda Miller